about Tristar Acquisition

Tristar Acquisition is capitalizing on a fragmented industry and emergence of 5G.

Our acquisition strategy is to identify and complete our initial business combination with a company that can benefit from the managerial and operational experience of our officers and directors.

Tristar believes fundamental shifts in the telecommunications and technology ecosystems are significantly altering the way people live, work, and communicate. 

We intend to target a company in the telecommunications and technology industries that has a need for business optimization and high-return investment opportunities.

Opportunities will be sourced by looking at:

  • High-growth providers servicing emerging countries
  • Attractive markets in developed countries
  • Mature and stable public company subsidiaries which have not been a focus of the existing owner



Tristar’s management team and board of directors possess a synergistic combination of executive, strategic, operational, financial and transactional experience, and has demonstrated a strong track record of identifying and creating significant stockholder value at a wide array of telecommunications, technology, consulting, healthcare, private equity, venture capital and agricultural companies.

tristar acquisition

Unlocking opportunity at the intersection of connectivity and telecom infrastructure, while addressing the urgent need for network improvement and expansion

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